International 10th Concrete Congress

Organized by the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO), the International 10th Concrete Congress to be organized by Bursa and İstanbul Branches on behalf of İMO will be held between 2-4 May 2019.

In Turkey, the most widely used within the construction materials and 100 million meters of production on the cube to follow the latest developments in the realization of concrete and organized since 1989 by IMO to improve the quality of concrete Congress of the 10`ncu, the IMO Bursa Branch will be hosted.

The 10th International Concrete Congress to be held at the Bursa Union of Academic Chambers will be held this year in the title of 10. Recent Developments in Concrete Technology Bursa. In the congress where many academicians, non-governmental organizations and local administrators are involved in the regulation, science and advisory board, important issues will be discussed during 3 days.

Expert names in the field of Congress; digital concrete, sustainable concrete, geopolymers, mineral and chemical additives, sustainable concrete roads, special concretes, concrete durability characteristics, fresh concrete properties and concrete structure in the subject will convey their views on the subject. In addition, he carried out research on the subjects of Concrete and Sustainable Concrete in Digital Production. Dr. Rafat Siddique and Professor Dr. Timothy Wangler will also attend the Congress as an invited speaker.